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This program is the one you’ve needed – even if you didn’t realize it. The power combination of exercise, obedience and bonding helps you both get more out of your time together. And, because you’re doing all of those things at once, even if you have limited time available, you can help your dog.

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Just 15 Minutes

15 Minutes a Day Will Transform Your Dog.

Canine Gym® is a complete canine fitness program designed to exercise your dog mentally and physically at the same time. Created by professional Dog Trainer Kathy Santo, the program includes over 70+ canine exercises and 30+ workouts that combine the golden duo of fitness - body conditioning and mental skills. With more workouts added daily!

Workouts include the use of resistance and body-weight training, cardio, balance, flexibility, along with a fitness guide and workout calendar. Use equipment or don't - there are options for both!

A New Dog

Jumping up on people

Running away


Destructive behavior (digging and chewing)

All these issues boil down to three things – not enough exercise, no bond and no mental stimulation. Canine Gym® is a revolutionary dog workout program designed to give you the best dog ever!

What Is Canine Gym?

Fun. Dog. Fitness.

Canine Gym is more than a workout routine or an obedience class it is fun. dog. fitness… that you can do at home, at a day care facility or doggy gym…within the confines your personal schedule. See what a strong bond, healthy body and focused mind can do for your dog. Don't leave the most important basic elements of dog ownership to chance.